New Zero Kanada: Sing Leaf “Watery Moon”

10 Oct 2013 — Silent Shout

The title Watery Moon brings to mind an otherwise dark night that is illuminated by an eerie, omnipresent source, and Toronto singer/songwriter Sing Leaf aka David Como’s debut album certainly lives up to the moniker. The album is haunting in a perfectly delightful and benevolent manner. Honest and heartfelt, his delicate and childlike form of indie-pop runs the gamut between dark and light, haunting and uplifting. At moments the album is sparse and contemplative, and at others it becomes rich and celebrative. This creates a dynamic album that tells a story as much with its lyrics as it does with its instrumentation.

Rooted in folk and blues, Sing Leaf expertly blends the heart and soul of a bedroom producer with the production and songwriting skills of an artist looking back at a long and full career. Each track is a self-contained moment of beauty that comes together to form a very compelling debut album. I still get chills from opening track "High John" all these months since its release, a sign of a truly powerful work of art.

Watery Moon is sold out on cassette but still available digitally from Chill Mega Chill.