NFOP, Erased Tapes & BLN.FM Present: Lubomyr Melnyk

15 Jan 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

We're beyond proud to present a very special event happening at Haus Ungarn (previously .HBC) on Friday with the Ukranian pianist Lybomyr Melnyk, who is now finally receiving the credibility he deserves as a legendary piano ambient composer; having recently joined forces with our friends at Erased Tapes Recordings. Even with cassette and vinyl releases dating back to 1975, Melnyk has pretty much been a well-kept secret for decades, secretely praised within the minimalist scene only by word of mouth, but claimed to be one of the most unique pianists of the 20th Century. Behind the immersive waves of sound lies a quite peculiar, highly complicated technique that Melnyk has suitably named "Continious music", sustaining the speed of over 19.5 notes per second in each hand (simultaneously!), composing mighty, cinematic pieces that float into one another, at most via 93,650 notes an hour, giving him the title as one of the fastest pianists in the world. 

If this alone isn't enough to get you excited, we might also mention that Efterklang's Peter Broderick helped record and produce his upcoming album on Erased Tapes, as well as label mate and Ólafur Arnalds collaborator Nils Frahm, whom will be joining the concert. 

To celebrate, we're giving away 2x2 tickets to a few lucky Berliners, and if the term "Berliner" unfortunately doesn't fit your residentional description, then you might want to keep your eye up on our NFOP Sessions page in the not so far away future. To enter the contest, simply just leave a comment or share this link via Facebook