NFOP Presents: Berlin Current at CTM 2015: UN TUNE

20 Jan 2015 — Henning Lahmann

Berlin is a city associated with bodily music. It’s the mediated yet immediately perceptible connection between the sounds of the club and the movements of the dancer which is the most obvious manifestation of Berlin representing the physical. It makes a lot of sense, then, to devote the coming edition of CTM Festival to “works by artists who explore the direct bodily effects of frequencies, sound, and music in order to address and disturb the human body in troubling and emphatic ways,“ in the words of the curators.

Like last year, the festival will again incorporate select artists of its Berlin Current roster, the on-going project that showcases musicians based in the city who explore the boundaries of contemporary experimental pop, funded by the Senate’s Musicboard and presented by No Fear Of Pop. More than just including twelve of those artistic endeavours, which should not come as a surprise, there’s a deeper nexus at play: of course, calling Berlin home, being inspired by the town’s cultural currents as well as its history as one of the breeding grounds of electronic music, all these artists also have an intimate relationship with music that transcends the purely sonic realm, reaching into the tangible world of objects and bodies. When talking to Phoebe Kiddo for Berlin Community Radio and RBMA last Friday, she revealed that for her these sounds serve almost as the essence of the city. So be it the aggressive, direct physicality of acts such as OAKE, Ketev, or Shaddah Tuum, the more futuristic, transcendental approach by Kiddo’s new project MINDBODYFITNESS, TCF or KABLAM, or the corporal, noire pop of Born In Flamez, Berlin’s new breed perfectly encapsulates the festival’s 2015 edition’s theme.

So while we’re sure that you might mostly be looking forward to the bigger names like Carter Tutti Void, The Bug, Alec Empire, Evian Christ, Mumdance, and all the other international heavyweights – which is of course totally fine – you definitely should check out at least some of the Berlin Current artists. Here’s where you’ll find them:

Amnesia Scanner – Berghain, Thursday, 01/29

Born In Flamez – Yaam I, Saturday, 01/31

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – Yaam III, Saturday, 01/31

KABLAM – Panorama Bar, Thursday, 01/29

Ketev – Yaam III, Saturday, 01/31

Moon Wheel – Panorama Bar, Thursday, 01/29

OAKE – Yaam III, Saturday, 01/24

Opium Hum – Yaam I, Saturday, 01/31

Phoebe Kiddo – Astra, Sunday, 02/01

Sarah Farina – Yaam II, Saturday, 01/31

Shaddah Tuum – Yaam III, Saturday, 01/24

TCF – HAU 2, Thursday, 01/29