NFOP SESSIONS #11: Birthdays.

14 Jul 2012 — Tonje Thilesen
Out of all the different people I have met in my life, few can compete with the kindness and life energy of the internet friends I met while in United States back in March, music bloggers and musicians alike, creating strong, international bonds between each other in order to create an open community with people who share the same passion for music. After our very first meet 'in real life' as human beings of flesh and blood, you suddenly realize how familiar these people may seem; a little bit like greeting an old friend after years of being apart. It's a strangely beautiful thing, as we sincerely believe that some of our best friends are people who live on the opposite side of the planet, connected to us through invisible strains of information, or in other words, that addictive little thing we call internet. And even though it's not often, you will always meet these people again somehow. Maybe in a different city, or on a different continent. Distance is overrated. During a short trip up to Boston towards the end of March, I finally got to hang out with one of the city's finest souls around, NFOP favourite and friend Samuel Yager aka Birthdays. As with nearly all the people we know in NYC and Boston, Samuel is too a part of our dearest collective FMLY. Alongside his best buddy Cameron Potter (Little Spoon) and 1/2 of the famous Pelly twins Liz Pelly, these beautiful people arrange strictly DIY-based concert nights at Dreamhouse, inviting local bands and good friends to play their psych-infused bedroom tunes for a bunch of friendly kids. Not to be missed if you're a Boston local, in other words. In our third edition of NFOP SESSIONS' A Love Letter To FMLY, Birthdays plays us "I'm Keeping Some of Mine For Me" in his bedroom in Allston, Boston. Feel the love below.