NFOP sessions #2: Mire Kay - So You Learned.

07 Jul 2011 — Tonje Thilesen

Hailing from Stockholm and Malmø, the Swedish indie pop duo Mire Kay have something unique to them. After playing a splendid, heart-warming live set at the Huset Ved Sjøen festival last month, we at NFOP feel honored to share this exclusive live session with you all, recorded in Middelalderparken, Oslo - the home of the annual Øya festival in August. A big thanks to Solander for making this possible — don't forget to check out our live session video with them here if you haven't already.

So You Learned is taken from the duo's first EP release Fortress, which can be purchased digitally or physically on 10" via our friends over at A Tenderversion Recording. You can also snatch the album over at bandcamp for a few bucks.

Mire Kay - So You Learned

Mire Kay - Sea Monster