NFOP Sessions #3: Therese Aune.

17 Sep 2011 — Tonje Thilesen

NFOP Sessions took a little vacation during the summer (after posting the videos with Solander and Mire Kay, which you might or have might not seen already), but now we're finally back in business — and we promise you it's not the last session you will see this fall.

I've been a great fan of the Norwegian Therese Aune and her dreamlike, quirky indie pop ever since discovering her music at a small concert in Oslo a few years ago, and was pretty stoked when she wanted to do a session with us. In an antique shop in Oslo, Therese and her band present us a brand new song which I assume we can expect to find on her long-awaited debut album next year, for now going under the name "Astray". Enjoy.