NFOP x How Is Annie present: Immanu El (SE) + The Little Hands Of Asphalt (NO)

29 Aug 2011 — Tonje Thilesen
Together with our friends at How Is Annie, we're proud to present two of the finest Nordic outfits around, one which also happens to be one of my very own favourites within the post-rock universe: none other than the Gothenburg based five-piece Immanu El. We've also managed to get our hands on Oslo's own indie pop favourite The Little Hands Of Asphalt, also known as the side project of Monanzo vocalist Sjur Lyseid. The whole thing will take place at the Revolver here in Oslo (which is therefore more likely to appeal to our Norwegian readers than the majority of our "fanbase", if such a thing even exist). However, if you happen to be in Oslo on November 4th, don't allow yourself to miss this beautiful little happening out. If this alone wasn't enough though, Immanu El also have an upcoming album entitled In Passage in the oven, which is supposedly to hit the shelves in October, following their critically acclaimed albums They'll Come, They Come (2007) and Moen (2009). In the meantime (while waiting for the fall to fully kick in), here's something to get you in the mood: RVSP here. Poster design/photography: Tonje Thilesen.