Now that’s what I call mixtape

29 Oct 2010 — Tonje Thilesen

As Krista (Krista and the Whale) wrote today in her guest post on Head Underwater, today is a special day — and indeed it is, being blessed with so many splendid gems from her Now that's what I call Krista and the Whale: Volume 1 mix. Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Coma Cinema, Kohwi, Steffaloo, Mutual Benefit, The Townhouses and of course unouomedude are just a few of the names featured on the mixtape. In fact, we'll let the girl speak for herself: "I decided to compile a 90’s mix. I was a kid in the 90’s. I listened to all the cool 90’s jams. I decided to bring my past back to life. In doing do, I asked some of my favorite favorite favorite musicians and friends to cover a 90’s tune".

Download the whole thing here.

Kiss Kiss Fantastic - Someday (Sugar Ray)
Mutual Benefit - Cut Your Hair (Pavement)
Kohwi - Every Morning (Sugar Ray)