Watch: Alexander Geist “A Woman’s Right to Choose” (exclusive)

25 Nov 2013 — Evelyn Malinowski

Berlin's own Alexander Geist is known for his primped, rather beautiful appearance as well as his distinguished voice. He frequently performs on the stage or couch, offering articulation on gender identity and his own charismatic background. That said, he is a local figure who runs and co-produces with the likes of our friends in Godmother and the New Pangea label collective, however quite accessible to a larger community. Thus, by elevating his videography with help from Imogen Heath, director of photography for both Planningtorock and The Knife, two celebrated groups based in Berlin, Geist's work agrees with political pop as encountered within the microcosmic context of Berlin yet remains widely appealing. Proof of this also resides in the observation that Geist is popular in other cities in France and the UK.

Accompanied by locals such as Tranny (also of Godmother), his own best friend Sophie Iremonger, reference to Princess Diana, among others things, including a well-posing black and white rabbit, Geist's video not only displays provocative images but also conveys something to say about the relevance of community. As it has been announced that the song commemorates the story of US military trans hero Chelsea Manning, we feel very excited to be able to launch a local's work on transnational, pressing topics, such as gender blurring and individualist sexuality, into the ether. Enjoy!