Premiere: Lindstrøm - “Call Me Anytime (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Remix)”.

17 Sep 2012 — Tonje Thilesen
Originally posted on Ad Hoc Reported last month, the legendary Oslo-based label Smalltown Supersound released the second 12" of remixes from Lindstrøm's Six Cups Of Rebel, featuring a name that is generally quite unassociated with the art of remixing: Ariel Pink and his Haunted Graffiti. As we've seen the internet flowing over with new Lindstrøm works (and re-works) from his upcoming LP Smalhans as of late, it may seem a bit eccentric to lean back to Six Cups Of Rebel only a month before his next release. Then again, it's not exactly every day Ariel Pink puts his soul into someone else's work, and if we know the guy right, likely by following his personal time table. Throughout its near 10 minute long spin, Lindstrøm's "Call Me Anytime" receives a bizarre re-arrangement, evolving from a fusion of noisy ambience into tropical psych-pop, filtered over sonic beats and hints of Chicago footwork. As we're moving towards the soundwave's end, its constantly shapeshifting beat dissolves to dust, slowly moving back to the beginning of the trippy voyage; an organic puddle of sound in true Ariel Pink spirit. Order the 12" via Robot, also featuring another mind-boggeling remix from Oneohtrix Point Never and Mark McGuire Roadchief on the B-side.