Magic Fades “#1-P.O.L” (Exclusive)

31 Dec 2012 — Kelsie Brown

Magic Fades

Those of us here at NFOP have been following Magic Fades for quite some time. The duo, based out of Portland, OR, make post-hypnogognic R&B with a dark edge. These guys, though, take it to a new level by sampling tracks so well-known that it's silly it hasn't been done before hundreds of times. So after sampling a hit like "The Boy Is Mine" in "Obsession", the title track of the new LP, it's no surprise that this time, for "#1-P.O.L", Magic Fades have turned to another quintessential 90s group. This time, though, they sample a "Pure Moods" classic, complete with Gregorian chanting; we are, of course, talking about Enigma's "Sadeness". Here, the new age flutes mesh seamlessly with Magic Fades' brand of autotuned R&B vocals to create a slow jam perfect for 2012 - or, well, 2013.

Listen to "#1-P.O.L." below, and grab Obsession LP on January 8 through Mishka.