Premiere: Sleep In Sundays - “July”.

28 Apr 2011 — Henning Lahmann
For someone who has mostly traveled the coasts of the United States, this is exactly the kind of music I've always connected with the enormous terra incognita that lies in between. The fragile, midwestern melancholic hush of July naturally evokes tropes of classic Americana, that forlorn intimacy that every human experiences in face of the sublime. And for this you never needed more than a soft voice and a gently plucked acoustic guitar. Sleep In Sundays is the brainchild of St. Louis, Missouri native Eric Williger. July will appear on "Okay", his debut full-length that's been in the making for the last four years. It is the follow-up to The Sunflower Split 12 inch which was put out together with fellow St. Louis artist Falsetto Boy on Brooklyn imprint Blackburn Recordings in 2009. Blackburn, run by Eric's brother Jonathan Williger, will also release "Okay" by the end of May or the beginning of June. Keep an eye on their site for further information coming soon. Sleep In Sundays - July