Pressed And “Decision Made” (exclusive)

30 May 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

Ever since their excellent Imbue Up in 2011, the Brooklyn/Chapel Hill duo Pressed And have worked on refining their sound, leaving bits and pieces of their electronically leaning imprint behind, something many artists rarely tend to do these days. The duo's distinctive strenght — their ability explore a sound beyond its origin, and allow each other's strongest sides to shine through in perfect harmony, leaves the duo's brains, Andrew Hamlet and Mat Jones, in a unique position as music makers. On Stone Candles, the concretized sounds and compositions from Imbue Up are almost vanished, rather opening the physical room for experimentation way beyond the structure set to their previous material. On the other hand, the duo clearly show that they master both aspects of these soundcrafting skills, surprisingly of which has mostly (only) been covered within our little 'blog community'. It might just be about time for someone else to pick this up, I sincerely believe.

Have a first listen to "Decision Made" below. Stone Candles is out on June 4 via Mush Records