Prism House “Need You (Part 1)”

21 Feb 2013 — Parker Bruce

Brooklyn-based Prism House take the fine toothcomb approach to music which could be equated with picking lice out of a kid’s hair. "Need You (Part 1)" sounds like the duo being right there with you breaking and mincing branches through a wood chipper and then sharpening and julienning them even more. The needles on the trees peruse, and titter. Here comes the boom, for sure. It’s mealy and tangible in your mouth, almost like listening to larvae. You just want to eat it in a weird way as if a cooking show is playing in your ears.

March 5 will see the Ceremony Recordings release of Prism House’s Reflections EP. The duo will also play Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery together with NFOP faves Wildarms and our very own Solar Year on March 6.