Rainbow Arabia “River’s Edge”

25 Feb 2013 — Andrew Wagner

The first forty-five seconds or so of Rainbow Arabia’s "River’s Edge" wouldn’t be out of place in an ’80s horror or action film: chilly and moody ambient soundscapes intersect with pulsing synthlines. But when Tiffany Preston’s vocals chime in, the song suddenly warms up and explodes with life, as the movie soundtrack turns into invigorating electronic-pop. The press release describes Rainbow Arabia’s sound as 'two musical vectors [which] simultaneously approach 1985 and 2025, intersecting briefly in the present.' Indeed, "River’s Edge" is a song that is oddly of this time and not melding today’s pop sensibilities with a wide array of textures and grooves from times far gone. Though Rainbow Arabia’s appeal to ’80s references might feel familiar, "River’s Edge" is elevated by the haunted and melancholic feel of Preston’s vocals into something strange and transfixing.

Rainbow Arabia will release their sophomore LP, FM Sushi, on Time No Place on April 15.