Raw Thrills: “Top Gun Cruisin”/“Psychedelic Wave Music”.

30 Apr 2012 — Henning Lahmann
Don't know when or how he's doing it, but Zak Mering is keeping himself astonishingly prolific, dropping new projects and/or LPs and EPs every other day. This time it's not one but two brand new offerings made under his principal Raw Thrills moniker, Top Gun Cruisin and Psychedelic Wave Music. While the latter EP, well, amounts to psychedelic wave music, gathering eight relatively short synth instrumentals that develop a distinctly cinematic feel, a soundtrack to an imaginary 80s b-movie if you will, the former may legitimately be deemed another proper full-length. With a length of 51 minutes, Top Gun Cruisin has Mering turning his back on the late 60s psych re-interpretations/re-imaginations that were the main feature of his latest transmissions, and now (again) devoting himself to 80s-informed weirdo wave music that is actually not all that far from his efforts as part of Greatest Hits, even if less custom-made for the dancefloor. Get both excellent releases for free digitally, Top Gun Cruisin here (a cassette will follow via Sixteen Tambourines), and Psychedelic Wave Music here. If you haven't done so already, be sure to get your hands on Raw Thrills' latest killer LP Sick Steez as well, which is also now out on Sixteen Tambourines. Raw Thrills - Bears & Squares (from Top Gun Cruisin) Raw Thrills - Till I Die (from Psychedelic Wave Music)