Review: Sculpture “Slime Code”

25 Jan 2013 — Will Stevens


Before one begins on this chromatic voyage into the world of Slime Code, it is important to appreciate the journey the record has taken, too. It began life as a live recording, orchestrated by Dan Hayhurst and visual artist Reuben Sutherland, aka Sculpture, on July 1, 2011. The resonance produced was recorded through an 8-track tape player which was then compiled on unique c20 dubs. A digital edit was assembled from this, which lead to the visceral Slime Code.

Released on patten’s Kaleidoscope label, Slime Code is a half an hour recording of cosmic, worldly electronics. The record takes no rational direction; it meanders about, furiously changing route, then twisting back on itself. Every time one gets comfortable with the direction, you are abruptly transported into another dimension, starting the journey again in a new extrinsic realm. It’s a fully absorbing record, with some dazzling rhythms that are displaced in-between the jungle of primitive electronics, which sound a like early BBC Radiophonic explorations. The piece ends with a distinct tribal rhythm that brings you out of your astral trance with a jolt. It’s a journey well worth the ride.

Slime Code has now been re-released on vinyl by Digitalis. Get it over at Boomkat now. Highly recommended.