Sean Nicholas Savage “Lonely Woman”

28 Feb 2013 — Will Stevens

Sean Nicholas Savage is an artist about to explode, in a good way. After releasing several albums via his bandcamp and Arbutus Records, the label that released early Grimes records and more recently Doldrums and Blue Hawaii, he is preparing yet another album, titled Other Life and set to be released on April 30.

Lead single "Lonely Woman" sounds like it has been ripped from an 80s rom-com in sound and content. Savage plays the desperately loved up male, desiring an impossibly aloof female, who isn’t willing to commit. His voice furrows around the track, divulging from gentle whisperings to desolate cryings. ‘We could do our time together, filling each other up with pleasure, or you could go to bed with your freedom, but he’ll make you a lonely woman’. All of this theatrical emotion, Savage’s yearning, is played over some seductive keys and a solitary guitar that interact in a similar manner to the storyline of the song.

Last month Arbutus uploaded Taste of Savage: His Pupils Sing His Music, a compilation of covers of Savage songs performed by close friends, who describe themselves as his ‘pupils’. The record was really something and furthered the esoteric aura surrounding Savage. He has all the credentials to succeed on a large scale and furthermore is a more unique proposition than his contemporaries. However, it is probably less of a question of if he can and more of a question of whether he actually wants to.