Sensate Focus “Déviation Heat-Treated”

19 Dec 2012 — Will Stevens

Sensate Focus

2012 has been a truly amazing year for PAN and their success has been widely documented. But if releases from Lee Gamble, Helm and co weren’t enough, PAN have gone and finished 2012 in real style. Surely, their final release of the year comes from a masterful remix or reconstruction of Heatsick’s Déviation through Mark Fell’s Sensate Focus. Played over two tracks of 35-minute length, the tracks are brimming with pockets of unadulterated pleasure whilst they twist and turn as Fell exquisitely relays and refracts the sounds of Déviation. Fell is on top form here, whilst also exhibiting his obvious admiration for Heatsick as this record plays as a true ode to the artist.

This 12" serves to highlight the depth and density of Heatsick’s Déviation whilst also reiterating the brilliance of Mark Fell. Bringing together two big players of 2012 to create a record that nicely concludes what has been a vintage year for PAN and all those involved.

Déviation Heat-Treated is out now. Get it over at Boomkat.