Sleep ∞ Over “Rooftop”

29 Jan 2013 — Kelsie Brown

Sleep ∞ Over's Stefanie Franciotti has resurfaced from a relative hiatus with two new songs. "Rooftop" is an enchanting, Alice in Wonderland-esque journey into psychedelia. Franciotti's voice lies fragilely over off-kilter bells and twinkling, before slowing down and descending into a calm and uneasy dream state. Saxophones drone out at the end with cryptic modulations and the feeling that you're just in the eye of the storm, that the worst is yet to come. It's a hexing reminder that beauty can sometimes be harsh.

"Rooftop" 7" is out today through Hippos in Tanks. Stream "Rooftop" and the B-side, Franciotti's rendition of a Vashti Bunyan song, below.