Springtime Carnivore “Collectors”

09 Jan 2013 — Kelsie Brown

Springtime Carnivore is a (relatively) anonymous solo project making 60s-inspired tunes. Taking inspiration from the sunny United States desert where she resides, "Collectors" is a bright indie pop gem. Fuzzy vocal melodies are laid down over a bed of strong drums, guitars, and pianos. Other tracks, like "Low Clouds", the closing track of Springtime Carnivore, her debut EP released last fall, take an instrumental approach and veer more on the side of calm psychedelia. This is the project of someone who clearly knows what she's doing, and we can't get enough of it.

Springtime Carnivore EP is out now. Watch the video for "Collectors" below, and stream the rest of the EP over at Bandcamp.