Steve Hauschildt “Constant Reminders”

08 Nov 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Everyone I know in this business seems to be very fond of every single member of seminal synth proponents Emeralds, no matter if the three are acting as part of said outfit, or indeed individually. While we have to admit that not every solo effort excites us in equal measure, Steve Hauschildt's "Constant Reminders" is a compelling example of a surprisingly pop-leaning work of post-human synth extravaganza, probably slightly self-ironic, probably dead serious, hard to tell. The track meanders along pleasantly, and the motorik vocoder lines indeed sound like, as Matt put it so beautifully and aptly, "a lone cyborg singing Maria Minerva to himself in his spaceship, wishing he hadn't outlived his beloved crew". Sigh.

"Constant Reminders" is taken from Sequitur, out November 12 on Kranky.