Stream: Anthony Naples “El Portal EP”

25 Feb 2013 — Will Stevens

Anthony Naples, the in-demand producer whose name is on the tip of everyone's tongue, has returned with a new EP for Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes. After the release of the magnanimous House-styled Mad Disrespect EP on Mister Saturday Night Records last year, El Portal EP sees Naples using fragments of previous releases but evolving these into new realms of sound.

The EP confidently opens with the title track, a rich House number, full of pitch-blending synthesizer sounds that take an unexpected twist at its conclusion. It’s a warm opening, nothing too spectacular, but it introduces the EP to the next two spellbinding tracks, namely "Busy Signal" and "Pueblo". The former, the EP's penultimate track, has a four-to-the-floor House protrusion with layers of a supercilious hi-hat that overruns the record. Naples has taken a step away from vocal reworking, which was on such display on Mad Disrespect, but this has been replaced by his work with the piano. "Busy Signal" deploys a simple chord progression, but it’s the roughness and clarity in equal measures that creates its mesmerising quality. Naples delves further with his piano production exertions on the track "Pueblo". That track is quite unlike anything Naples has done previously due to its tempo and punchy tones. It deploys a slick jazzy impression whilst also incorporating a retro-ness in sound quality. It’s an overall great track – the beat is particularly astute.

The El Portal EP is a very professional record from a hugely exciting producer. Being associated with the likes of Mister Saturday Night from New York and now releasing on London's Trilogy Tapes, Anthony Naples has furthered his reputation internationally. It really feels like he can do no wrong.