Stream: Ben Houghton “Tempelhof EP”

18 Feb 2013 — Holly Friedlander Liddicoat

The grey and cold expanse of Tempelhof's runway floors. The borders of the grass go on and on and on forever, I keep thinking they will never end. It's hard to believe people live all the way round, this flatness feels so out of place. I remember when I saw Tempelhof for the first time, all those many (or not so many) moons ago. I felt weird being in a place so expansive in a city that is probably the size of a hundred Tempelhofs! It made me feel quite small. But it reinvigorated me too – it made me want to strive to fill even the tiniest bit of its all-encompassing space.

I've been bumping Ben Houghton's (This Thing) recent EP so hard lately. It's got that fresh intensity and optimism that comes from being thrown into a fresh scene for the very first time. This Aussie ex-pat is making very good use of the town he now calls home, his first EP of 2013 exploring both the quiet and audacious sides of tech-house. Hold on for "Think About It"; a late-night, synthy techno track that is the perfect accompaniment to any solo wanderings through large, expansive spaces.

Tempelhof is a 'pay what you will' download at Houghton's bandcamp, so chuck the poor, struggling artist some coin.