Stream: Cankun “Culture of Pink”

26 Feb 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Cankun's new full-length Culture of Pink arrives at a time when psychedelic tropical haze has long ceased to be the dernier cri in underground pop music. However, listening to Vincent Caylet's laid-back guitar meditations over unobtrusive drum rhythms and the occasional rainforest-indebted sample makes us realise how much we've missed this sort of music, especially during a Central European winter that, as reports tell us this morning, has been and continues to be the least sunny in decades. Plus, it's not that this particular sort of psychedelia hasn't also evolved in the past few years. While most tracks on Culture of Pink do remain fashionably low-key and meander along aimlessly, lulling the listener into that pleasant if still a bit too familiar hypnagogic state of mind - see above all the album's excellent, seven-minute centrepiece "Why Do You Laugh?" - a few tracks disobey by putting on a more upbeat, dazzling gestalt, as if running through the jungle has become a thing by now; with mostly successful results, see most notably opener "Agave Sticks", or the almost frantic "Science Can Help You", which we had already written about before.

Culture of Pink is out via Hands in the Dark on March 5. Stream it in full below.