Stream: Gel Set “Microsoftcore XXXCell” (Exclusive)

09 Jan 2013 — Trey Reis

Gel Set

Chicago seems like a proper city for all of this weirdo second (dark) wave stuff. Have you been there during the winter? You don’t have to hang out in some gloomy basement to get into that headspace. The city bleeds it. What with the mechanical clink of the rail system connecting you with all of those century-old warehouses and industrial loading zones. The wind through the avenues is a coldwave unto itself, and the way it carries those voices echoing between brick buildings and broken concrete is haunting. Call Gel Set’s new Lillerne Tape, Microsoftcore XXXCell, whatever combination of dark and dreary dance-floor genres you want; I say it’s like a field recording of January at 3 AM in Chicago.

Listen to the entire EP below, and look for the tape on the city’s very own Lillerne Tapes. Pre-order now over here.