Stream: Hua Li 化力 “Za Zhong”

27 Jul 2015 — Parker Bruce

Montreal's Hua Li, who've we posted about on this site before, released a new EP, called Za Zhong, at the end of June on fellow Montrealer's Charlie Twitch's (also known as ¡FLIST!) label, Art Not Love. Za Zhong, all with production by Gloze, abounds with charisma with "Double Trouble" starting things off in a chiming, rippling, swarming, and swarthy manner that flows into "Luxury"'s dithering and teasing nature and grind. Hua Li goes from singing to rapping with palpable panache. Singer Zyhkeira makes a very impressive appearance on "How Bad" with a quick, darting vocal turn amidst the song's wafting backdrop and "Faded in the Night" is snappy and jumpy. Four wonderfully lackadaisical tracks here, all with potent grooves.