Stream: Karen Gwyer “Needs Continuum”

27 Feb 2013 — Matt Harris

Back last year, Karen Gwyer pricked up ears with the release of her debut EP I've Been You Twice on Patten's Kaleidoscope label, chances are you didn't get a copy as there were only 13 ever made, with each of the four tracks being dubbed down to tape with additional live effects, making each individual copy its own unique entity in itself.

Now with the hugely impressive debut album Needs Continuum, recorded during the pregnancy with her first child, Gwyer guides the listener through nine tracks of synth layers that feel at once both playfully experimental yet highly orchestrated, recalling Fatima Al Qadiri in places, King Felix or even Cabaret Voltaire's less hyper output, coupled with hushed whispers and vocal layers, in parts bringing to mind Grouper or even Braids at their most ambient.

Essential Listening. Stream the album in full below, and head over to Dazed Digital for an interview with the artist.

Needs Continuum is out now on No Pain In Pop. If you happen to be in London, you shouldn't miss the album launch party at The Waiting Room tonight. More details over here.