New Zero Canada: Marie Davidson “Marie Davidson”

20 Dec 2012 — Alt Altman


Marie Davidson is a ubiquitous figure in the Montréal scene, playing with Essaie Pas (who released an incredible EP in August), Les Momies de Palerme , and Hotel Monochrome. Marie Davidson, a six-song EP that she recorded herself, is her first solo work, and it does not disappoint.

The first track, "Ma vie sans toi", is the poppiest song on the record, but it's a bleak and sparse piece. Recalling Nico, Marie sings a detached melody with a harmonium vaguely following along. The highlight of the EP, however, might be the menacing drone of "L'Unique". Overall the minimal electronics and tense Lynchian atmospheres make for a compelling listen - it's an exceptional debut for an already prolific artist, and hopefully this is only the beginning of her solo career.

Stream the whole EP below and get it for pay-what-you-want over at her bandcamp.