Stream: Mind Over Mirrors “Check Your Swing”

06 Nov 2012 — Henning Lahmann

A little while back, we premiered "Second Nature" off the forthcoming full-length by Chicago experimental musician Jaime Fennelly aka Mind Over Mirrors. Today we're happy to host the exclusive stream of the whole LP, Check Your Swing, a mesmerizing collection of seven movements of slowly meandering drone, all dominated by Fennelly's signature instrument, the harmonium. The subtle variations in an otherwise calming sea of bubbling and roaming sounds demand the listener's attention but are nothing short of astonishing. Check Your Swing is of course highly conceptual, but nonetheless invariably a truly pleasant example of ambient listening, made by an exceptional artist whose unique approach is a rare gem in today's overcrowded psych underground. Get lost below.

Check Your Swing is out November 13 via Hands In The Dark. Pre-order now over here.


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