Stream: Octover - S/T (exclusive)

16 Jan 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

Singaporean electronic duo Octover seem to have grown out of the ashes of AlunaGeorge's success: just on the borderland of mainstream, but combined with their crisp and mechanic production, the result winds off as superbly refreshing. The borderline between genres are also somewhat erased on Octover's self-titled debut EP, blending elements of jazz and soul into their otherwise digitally dominated image. I find it almost impossible to cease from referring to the earlier works of Little Dragon, or perhaps also London-via-Osaka trio Nedry-- or even over to the somewhat overlooked Cascine signee Pandr Eyez (which is pretty much their only R&B release up to date). Anyways, have a first listen to the EP below, out on the Singapore based audio-visual label collective Syndicate now.