Papertwin “Alkaline”

07 May 2014 — Parker Bruce

"Alkaline" by Brooklyn's Papertwin (aka Nick Shopa, Max Decker, Francis Cardinale) befits its unceasingly nimble synth that pointedly scans the room and stretched out Kate Bush "Running Up That Hill" intimation. Decker sings: "There's nothing like a smack in the head to show you my love." When the words "every little earthquake" show up one can't help but think of Little Boots' likeminded "Earthquake" from 2009. "Alkaline" is dizzy off itself and the precariousness of the situation it's describing, echoed by the track flickering, coming close to flaming out, and reigniting towards the end. And get a load of this: "I'm in disguise right now/ As your only friend" and "Every time you're working late/ Bodies shifting slowly apart." Papertwin are definitely not ones to skirt around pressure points. Instead they pinpoint them. Watch out for their Vox Humana EP, due June 17.