Stream: Penny “Penny EP” (exclusive)

12 Mar 2014 — Henning Lahmann

While elusive London collective Old Apparatus kept things relatively low-key last year, merely putting out one – albeit excellent – free EP in October, founding member Asher Levitas had quite a busy 2013, producing some commissioned remixes and above all releasing a very compelling EP as Saa together with Oslo vocalist Linn Carin Dirdal on left_blank. But as two projects don't appear to be enough, Levitas has come up with Penny, a joint venture with visual artist and writer Michael Crowe.

Sonically, the duo's first, self-titled EP does share quite a few significant resemblances with both Old Apparatus and Saa – nocturnal sounds and melodies suitable for scoring any latter-day film noire, inspired as much by contemporary UK bass as by more continental varieties of techno and house, all spiced up with same dashes of post-modern grittiness. Which is all fine and still amounts to a listening experience that outshines most experimental electronic music of today. The focus of Penny however is its integrated audiovisual concept, though Old Apparatus, too, always has been more than the music alone. Still, Michael Crowe manages to genuinely elevate the project, coming up with a visual language that not simply accompanies but truly complements Levitas' productions. Watch the piece for first track "Pen#1":

The Penny EP is out next Monday, March 17, via Overshare Records. More material is set to follow later this year. Below, you may exclusively stream all three (aptly untitled) tracks from the EP: