Stream: Rich Uncle-Skelleton’s “Bone Soup for Christmas” Mix

24 Dec 2013 — Parker Bruce

One third of Montreal group, Syngja, Aleks Schürmer, hosts concerts in Montreal under the awesome name, Rich Uncle-Skelleton. Just in time for Christmas, he's made a mix called "Bone Soup for Christmas" for The House of Grizzly Andrews, an arts house in Montreal officially launching in the spring that helps to fund artists' projects as well do their own projects. Schürmer said the mix was for all the art kids he knows who were leaving their art families to go back to their real families for Christmas. There's Syngja's now pretty much classic, "Pink Prism," with its unforgettable "you can't just leave a good thing" lyric as well as something from d'Eon's "Blackout (Music for Keyboards Vol. IV)." It also has amazing Montreal duo UN on it as well as ¡FLIST!, Bantam Wing, a remix of The Baby-Sitters Club theme song by Schürmer himself, and a bumping Hua Li chopped and screwed take on an Akua song. It all ends with the surreal "God Is An American" by Jean-Pierre Ferland which sounds like the theme song to a 70s cop show, a Broadway show tune, and a church hymnal all at different points. In other words, it sounds like a song on "Yeezus." It's the perfect ending. Stream the mix below and download it here. Tracklist below.

Peyotiki "Sunflower"
Syngja "Pink Prism"
Akua "Gravity (Hua Li 化力 Chop & Screw)"
Rich Uncle "Babysitters Club Theme (Parker bb Remix)"
d'Eon "The Birds Eat Our Corpses"
Mourning Coup "Eye'll Be Your Mirror"
Bantam Wing "You Keep Going On"
Dirty Organs "All Kinds"
UN "Wicked Child"
¡FLIST! "Tuberculoma (Live)"
Jean-Pierre Ferland "God Is An American"