Stream: rkss “Submerged EP”

28 Feb 2013 — Henning Lahmann

London native and Berlin-based rkss has dropped his sophomore Submerged EP, another three-track effort that marks a big step forward for the young producer, the work being a much more confident and accomplished transmission than last year's already promising Basement EP. The music's basic premises remain untouched, every part is still lingering in that familiar territory between techno, house, and bass music experimentalism, at times leaning towards noisier realms and invariably resting upon broken structures that make it rather hard to see the tracks being introduced into a set smoothly (though we've tried before, and would like to think that we've succeeded). The individual pieces all take their time to develop, going through segments of sudden deconstruction and unsentimental interruption before eventually opening up and unfolding; the compelling centrepiece "Move" is particularly remarkable in this regard. The producer's overall approach is playful and eager to surprise the listener – to take a single example, on closer "Release", an almost classic, house-indebted organ unexpectedly sets in, leading the hitherto cumbersome track into friendlier, almost shimmering dancefloor spheres, while the beat remains decidedly reluctant to attune. On the whole, Submerged is more than merely hinting at rkss' notable potential; let's keep a close eye on him.

Stream the Submerged EP in full below, and get it now over at bandcamp.