Stream: “The Le Sigh Vol. 1”

23 Dec 2013 — Andi Wilson

One of my favorite current publications occurring in Brooklyn right now is The Le Sigh. This strong group of ladies are killing it in every aspect by covering feminism through new music, zines, features on rad local women/artists, beautifully curated mixes, and an abundance of interviews. In November, the site announced "The Le Sigh Vol. 1" on cassette with a zine released and printed through Birdtapes, the unstoppable and newly one-year-old label . The mix features a soft (A) and hard (B) side featuring some of the best twee, lo-fi pop, and punk female acts happening right now. Get ready to cry a little, crack a smile, and sway around your room. I wish I could have heard these songs when I was seventeen; dealing with highschool boys, rebelling from my parents, and smoking that very first cigarette. 

The tape and zine are sold out, but now available to stream and download below. Some of us from No Fear of Pop were able to attend the release party at Silent Barn in Brooklyn last month and had the time of our lives while watching Whatever, Dad, Baby Mollusk, Lizard Kisses, and Frankie Cosmos! We wish the best to the lovely Le Sigh gals and can't wait to see what the future holds for them. 

The Le Sigh Vol. 1 Tracklist:

1. "Nessa's Theme" - Whatever, Dad
2. "Empty Hands" - Baby Mollusk
3. "Being Cool Is Super Hard" - Morgan Spaner
4. "Duh" - Infinity Crush
5. "Apart" - Yohuna
6.  "See You Soon" - R.L. Kelly
7.  "Dark Skies" - Frankie Cosmos
8. "Little Things" - Lizard Kisses
9. "Find Me" - Winter

10. "Never What You Wanted" - Bam! Bam!
11. "Fuck It" - Numb Bats
12. "Dream Lover" - Love Cuts
13. "The Spins"- Potty Mouth
14. "Open My Eyes"- Burnt Palms
15. "Ice Age" - Loveover
16. "Sweetie" - Tomboy
17. "Watch You (Party Mix)" - Priests
18. "No Right" - Young Trynas
19. "Le Sigh (Theme Song)" - Mannequin Pussy



Photos by The Silent Barn and Jeanette Wall