Stream: Wormwood “Sunfloating”

04 Jul 2013 — Silent Shout

London, Ontario's Wormwood (Andrew Wenaus and Christina Willatt) have produced an immensely accomplished debut album. Sunfloating explores the idm–pop ambient–modern classical axis, and to varying degrees, aspects of Bjork, Portishead and turn of the century Warp Records. As one might suspect from these canonical references, the cerebral and accessible operate in tandem throughout Sunfloating.

''Lapse'' and the title track contrast moments of glacial stasis with swollen, intoxicating crescendos. In ''Leaves like Lemons,'' a mid-tempo groove – composed of gated white noise and concrete sounds – ricochets around the stereo field while dimly lit, icy synth tones and cavernous choral lines (comprised entirely of Willatt’s multi-tracked vocal) produce a haunting afterglow. Willatt’s enchanting vocal performance complements the album’s deft production and meticulous compositional form, resulting in a serious and uncompromising work worthy of attention.

Sunfloating can be purchased in its entirety from Wormwood's bandcamp