Stream: Ziemba “The Longest Night on this One Habitable Star” (exclusive)

18 Dec 2015 — Johanne Swanson

Spend some time lurking in those dingy Brooklyn DIY spaces where magic and adventure run rampant and you’re bound to come across René Kladzyk, the singular force behind Ziemba. It’s all too easy to place Ziemba in a reductive category of women making otherworldly performance-based pop music, a legacy pioneered by Suzanne Ciani, Kate Bush, and many other varied and prolific artists. Still, this likeness is evident watching Ziemba use her performance as a vehicle to lingering fantasy, her eyes piercing the crowd, demanding to be seen on her terms. What makes women reject organic sounds, or further, reject our very bodies that betray within heteropatriarchy? And do we turn to futurist music to, if only for a moment, cope with this broken world and experience a paradise utopia?

Kladzyk’s performances are not to be missed, an essential piece to the realm that is Ziemba. With today’s release of The Longest Night on this One Habitable Star, a holiday EP available for free download via Bandcamp, comes a Texmas Tour. Check out Ziemba live, stream the EP exclusively below, and watch for a debut full-length in 2016.

Photo by Ben Grad. Ziemba's head piece was created by Heidi Lee.

12/18 w/ Liz Burrito @ Indian Roller; Austin, TX

12/19 w/ Rattlesnake Milk, Daniel Markham & Claire Morales @ J & J's Pizza; Denton, TX

12/20 w/ Rattlesnake Milk, The Backbones, and Antique Sunlight @ Hi-Tones; San Antonio, TX 1

2/21 w/ Rattlesnake Milk, Ben Cissner, and Antique Sunlight @ Hotel Vegas; Austin, TX

12/22 w/ Rattlesnake Milk @ Lost Horse; Marfa, TX 12/23 w/ Part Time, Lightworks, Joe Nava (LNSC) @ The Warszawa; El Paso, TX