Sunday Mayonaise.

31 Oct 2010 — Henning Lahmann

OK, I feel like I've got a confession to make as a creative disclaimer for this write-up. Yes, there was a time way back in the nineties when I still was an ignorant kid that I used to be into the Smashing Pumpkins, even, admittedly, very much so. And now that you know and apparently continue to read nonetheless, I'm more than happy that my all time favorite Pumpkins song (the one that I actually and shamelessly still adore) has finally been covered, moreover by none other than our admired Grenoble dream pop advocate A.P. Witomski. He has achieved to transform Mayonaise into a tune that has its place in second decade of the 21st century, preserving Corgan's melancholy while adding some distinct features of contemporary pop music. Along with his stunningly beautiful song Canionical that had surfaced roughly two weeks ago, Witomski is heading into an ever more promising musical direction. Listen to more of his recent stuff as well as his lovely debut album Nine Melodies & Other Visions over at his bandcamp.

A.P. Witomski - Mayonaise (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

A.P. Witomski - Canionical