The Answer Page & Red Alder: “Solstice”.

30 Mar 2012 — Tonje Thilesen
We weren't the only ones to go all crazy over "Winterdress" last month, the stunningly beautiful (and tearful) new track of our dearest Kelsie Brown aka Red Alder; and if you ever feel like you recovered from the deep sadness of that winter lullaby, we've got more melancholy for your ears to seep into. After Nate McKee put up his gorgeous debut record Orca last year under his moniker The Answer Page, new side projects such as Changemod has taken shape in the shadow of his growing success, and now most recently with (you guessed right) the sad girl named Kelsie Brown. Nate personally played the me the track as we drove towards the airport on Houston's endless highway last week, with thunderstorms building up a fitting scenery in the horizon — a perfect mood for this superb shoegaze jam.