The-Drum: “Omar”.

29 Aug 2011 — Tonje Thilesen
I was literally blown away already after the first listen of The-Drum's "Omar" which dropped in my inbox only a few minutes ago; a bass-heavy, R'n'B infused psychedelic trip of a track, spiced up with echo-like vocal samples and heavy dubstep influences, a little similar to our own rising super-duo Purity Ring, in a way. After a quick research, The-Drum turns out to be made up by Brandon and Jeremiah of Chicago, and have apparently been uploading tracks on their soundcloud page since March, but seemingly been missed out by us somehow, until today. Head over here to snatch a couple more free tunes. According to their page, they're releasing their first (?) EP Heavy Liquid in early September. Stay tuned! The-Drum - Omar The-Drum - Falling