The Haxan Cloak “The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)”

28 Jan 2013 — Andrew Wagner

Late last week, The Haxan Cloak released some supremely dark, alternately noisy and ambient synths from his forthcoming double LP Excavation on Tri Angle Records. Excavation is a concept album exploring a character’s journey through the astral plane after death, and "The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)" is full of appropriately murky and ethereal drone soundscapes. As the track slowly builds, more electronic instrumentation works its way in, and the song occasionally sounds as though it could be emanating from a nightclub—albeit, the most depressing nightclub in existence. It’s an unsettling vision of the afterlife, but also a deeply moving seven minutes.

Excavation will be out in North America on April 30, and internationally on April 15.