Thrupence “Thoughts / Tape 03”

13 Nov 2012 — Kelsie Brown

All right, so we're admittedly a bit late on this one. You'll have to forgive us for the delay, though, and get right on listening to the newest bit from Melbourne artist Thrupence. Appropriately titled Thoughts / Tape 03, Thrupence has compiled a collection of thirteen so-called thoughts, or what he describes as "musical sketches, thoughts, and ideas" stemming from as far back into his musical past as 2007. Despite this variance in song creation, each thought flows seamlessly and perfectly into the next until the 28 minutes are over and you're left simply at peace. With Thoughts / Tape 03 Thrupence pieces together smooth pianos with atmospheric strings and organ lines and the occasional snare drum or electronic clip. One minute in and you're drawn into the most tranquil of all worlds.

Stream the mix here at NFOP, or download it at Bandcamp.