Tony Scumbag & Joe Norkus: “Wedding Theme”.

29 Feb 2012 — Jesse Thompson
Imagine the most tropical cocktail you can. Now put that cocktail in a coconut, sip it and mellow out as you float down stream on the back of your hippopotamus tour guide. With bongos, easy-going synth leads and an amazing EWI USB wind instrument solo, "Wedding Theme" by Seattle, WA via Franklin TN artist Tony Scumbag (aka Grey Johnson) sounds a bit like a "Coconut" to "Kokomo" instrumental interlude that Harry Nilsson and The Beach Boys could have concocted in a tiki lounge during an early evening beach party some time in the late 70's. Found video footage of swimming pools, beaches, and river guides, sequenced by Joe Norkus, blends perfectly with the track, forming a nearly irresistible, cheesy aesthetic that keeps you locked in, listening and watching with a grin. If you're into this collaboration, check out "Suspended Romance" and the 80's inspired video titled "Pump It" featuring sexy fitness video shots, bodybuilders, action sequences and other audio-visual goodness.