Trésors / Holy Strays Remix Swap (exclusive)

27 Feb 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

Last year, the ever-excellent Parisian (and declared NFOP favourite) Holy Strays released a new 7" via Morning Ritual Recordings, containing two supremely flavourful tracks, "Christabell A" and and "Christabell B", that made us very excited about his announced full-lenght to drop later this year, but before that, we've got a few other goodies for you. Having joined forces with fellow Parisians Trésors, their two different takes on electronic music collides, resulting in this remix swap below, that will receive a very limited run of vinyls on April 1st, including additional remixes from Steve Moore, Bestial Mouths and Blackmail. Where Trésors moves Holy Strays' "Christabell A" in an organic, minimal direction, Holy Strays dips his remix of "Pleine Lune" into a multi-layered, psychedelic techno space; transforming the soundscape into a melting pot of clashing sounds, which in our opinion, is probably his best remix aid up to date. 

To our French friends in Nantes, don't miss the two of them at Le Stakhanov on April 12th.