Vaghe Stelle “Spiral Gloom” (exclusive)

18 Apr 2013 — Henning Lahmann

As reported on FACT the other day, recently founded Lyon/Geneva label Danse Noire Records seeks to 'deconstruct club conventions', and if their first release already justifies any generalisations, they certainly are on the right track. The Out Of Body EP by Turin native Daniele Mana aka Vaghe Stelle is one of the most accomplished and compelling instances of deranged dancefloor deviations that we've come across lately. The EP's five original tracks showcase a stupendous variety while confidently remaining left of the field. We're happy to premiere the first full stream of one tracks below - "Spiral Gloom" starts off with warped, contorted synth phrases and quickly develops into a straightforward if blurred and twisted off-kilter noise/techno hybrid that manages to stay highly original without unduely hiding its inspirations.

Out Of Body is out May 6. Preview snippets of all tracks below "Spiral Gloom", including the remixes by Peaking Lights and Nguzunguzu (tracks 6 and 7). Fourth track "The Sure Thing", we'd like to point out, sounds like something The Joker would produce if Kuedo were Batman (which he probably is). Highly recommended.