Various Artists: “Blankstairs Compilation (BST001)”

21 Aug 2013 — Trey Reis

The Pacific Northwest of the United States is becoming somewhat of a beacon for beat music, one or two-member bands creating incredibly diverse takes on electronics in whatever practice space they can afford, whether it be their bedrooms or the basement of a friend’s house, throughout 200 straight days of rain. It’s the perfect setting to keep people indoors, hunched over a laptop working and reworking this melody or that loop until it's right. That focus is, perhaps, no better represented than by one of the scene’s newest collectives, known as Blankstairs an comprised almost entirely of 21- youngsters. This compilation collects some of the most interesting musicians among those states making up that corner of America, from a number of different labels, including Dropping Gems and Ewe of Now, among others.

Check it out below, and don’t be surprised as you continue seeing these names more and more.