Watch: Dresden Dresses “Basalt”

23 Sep 2013 — Parker Bruce

Montréal's Antoine Lahaie aka Dresden Dresses has a new video out for his song "Basalt", which was on his ☹EP last year. François Pisapia did it, and its protaganist is someone named Genova Girl (which is Lahaie wearing a full body suit painted by Julien Ceccaldi]).  We follow her as she goes to a dentist appointment, smokes a fuck ton of cigarettes, walks around Montréal, goes to the awesome chain store Jean Coutu, and finally checks into a motel where she plays dress up and has a party of one, all whilst taking a bunch of selfies on a video camera and iPad. Watch the quite remarkable piece below.

You can still download ☹EP on the artist's bandcamp. Also, Dresden Dresses will be performing a show with SSION during POP Montréal next week.