Video: Emperor Zero “Mental Health Café”

14 Feb 2013 — Parker Bruce

SWAYS Records, known for introducing us to NFOP favourites M O N E Y and The Louche, definitely know how to create a mood, and that being said, the video for Emperor Zero’s “Mental Health Café” (which was released on a 7’' February 1) is the definition of said moodiness. Reading the video’s back story makes it even more crazy: “The video to ‘Mental Health Café’ was filmed inside the infamous wooden cage in the main room of the warehouse, a Kafkaesque structure that deliberately recalls the Kafes (‘cage’) of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, that was built to protect members of the ruling elite from fratricide and safeguard their succession to the throne. Since the days of Beyazit II, it had been ruled that a new sultan should execute all of his brothers, in order to avoid bloody wars of succession. To prevent such barbarity, Ahmet I decreed that a new sultan’s brothers should instead be locked in a cage with deaf mutes and a harem of concubines who were not allowed to leave the cage unless they got pregnant — in which case they were drowned. Thereafter, for several generations, when the sultan finally died and the time came for the younger sibling to leave the cage, the new ruler of the Ottoman Empire would emerge, unsteady on his feet and quite, quite mad.”   

We'll leave you to the mystery: have a first peak at the strange video below.