Video: Money - “The Sea”.

27 Oct 2011 — Henning Lahmann
So yeah, it's been a while, and this is getting ever more mysterious. Enigmatic Manchester project Money aka Meke Menete aka whoever has uploaded a new video, another disturbing collage to a song that's (again) most beautiful and (again) incredibly dark and hopeless. As far as I know, till now there only have been these videos and nothing else. What's worse, the folks have even deleted the Youtube version of one of this year's most breathtaking, mournful, gorgeous pop songs, "Lonely Sexy Death" (you still finde the video on Meke Menete's otherwise dead Myspace, who knows for how long), so I really have no clue where this is gonna end. In any case, these songs make it painfully clear that all things are going to end eventually. Thanks to S&S for the heads-up. (Photo)